Facial Treatments


Skin rejuvenation injections

Many facial disharmonies may benefit from filler treatment or the fillers. The aim of filler treatment is to  recover small or volumes never existed (cheekbones, nasojugal grooves, lips, etc.) or to fill wrinkles and furrows such as the naso-labial folds or lip-chin wrinkles.



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Injections to smooth out wrinkles

Botulinum toxin has been a shocking revolution in the history of Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery. Proposed, in the late '90s, as a drug for the treatment of wrinkles between the eyebrows, thanks to the naturalness of the results and the very wide margin of safety that this method allows, has quickly convinced both physicians and patients.

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The pulsed light is a procedure that uses a pulsed source of light energy (Intense Pulsed Light, IPL) that, unlike the laser, is not consistent, not collimated and with a broad spectrum. Although not strictly a laser, the pulsed light, however, has the same indications of the main laser currently in use, since, covering a broad spectrum of wavelengths, it is widely used in fields ranging from the treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions, disorder of pigmentation, up to the treatment of hirsutism and hypertrichosis.

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What is the bipolar non-ablative radiofrequency?

It is a method, one of the most modern techniques used in treatments in delaying the effects of aging and sagging skin of your face and body, able to give a rested and "young" appearance in a non-ablative way and without any use of needles or drugs to be injected, thus poorly invasive.

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What is chemical peel?

Peeling means quick and controlled removal of the external surfaces of your skin, by local application of substances (mostly organic acids) that can break the bonds that hold the cells together. According to the power of the keratolytic agent used, peeling can be superficial, medium or deep.

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mat3Cosa è la biostimolazione cutanea iniettiva?

La biostimolazione consiste nella somministrazione per via iniettiva intradermica-sottocutanea di sostanze farmacologiche con attività stimolante la rigenerazione della pelle. Tali sostanze si possono paragonare a degli integratori alimentari per le cellule che vengono così stimolate ad un rinnovamento più rapido ed efficace: il contenuto di acqua aumenta e viene stimolata la produzione di collagene ed elastina.

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The use of absorbable threads inserted below the skin can have a dual purpose: to stimulate (as an alternative to infiltration) or to suspend the tissues. This latter technique involves the insertion, through a needle, of absorbable threads into the subcutaneous, for the purpose of lifting and re-arranging the tissues that begin to yield at face level or (mandibular region, neck, cheekbones) in a non invasively way and for a long period enough.



The Erbium laser is today the most used tool for skin aging treatment of for scars correction. It removes without any problem the more superficial skin layers , thus allowing the growth of new skin, more polished and smoother. The fine lines around the eyes and lips are usually the first signs of aging.

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